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How to Register Transborder Data Flows in Russia: A Step-by-Step Guide


Under what conditions is it allowed to transfer personal data abroad. Law No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data" divides all foreign countries into two categories.
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From march 2023 roskomnadzor will able ban data transfers en kon

From March 1, 2023 Roskomnadzor will be able to ban data transfers abroad for organizations and companies that process personal data

From March 1, 2023, new rules will come into force, whereunder Roskomnadzor will be able to ban cross-border personal data transfers by personal data processors (Government Decree No. 24 dated 16.01.2023).Read more

Roskomnadzor made official comments latest changes en konsu outs

Roskomnadzor made official comments on latest changes in regulation of personal data

From September 1, 2022, amendments to the law "On Personal Data" will come into force. At present, processors must notify Roskomnadzor (The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media) about the start or continuation of any processing of personal data, except when the data is processed in order to protect the security of the state and public order, transport security, or if the processor processes the data exclusively without any automation equipment.

Currently, the updated form of the notice has not been approved; it will become available after approval by separate order of Roskomnadzor. Prior to that, PD processor can fill out a form approved by Order No. 94 dated 30.05.2017 on Roskomnadzor’s Personal Data Portal or can send this notice in hard copy to the local office of the agency at the processor’s place of registration.

After entry into force of Roskomnadzor’s order establishing a new notification form, the processor may send a notice of changes made to the information previously submitted to the Register of Data Processors Processing Personal Data.

No deadline for notifying Roskomnadzor about personal data processing has been determined. Thus, September 1, 2022 is not the deadline for submitting a notice on personal data processing.

New requirements for personal data operators from en konsu outso

New requirements for personal data operators from September 01, 2022

For operators of personal data, a number of new obligations and prohibitions will be provided, as well as the terms within which it is necessary to report information to the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) and other government agencies will be reduced. The amendments have already passed the final reading in the State Duma and will come into force on September 01, 2022. On July 14, 2022  the law was signed and published on the legal information portal. Read more

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To all companies in Russia with a website: Important Changes

Amendments to the law related to those who collect, process and store any personal data will enter into force on July 01, 2017.Read more