According to Draft Federal Law No. 223501-8, it is planned to make amendments to the Arbitration Procedure Code, the Civil Procedure Code, the Administrative Procedure Code, according to which, in court cases involving mobilized people who act as defendants in the case, the court will issue rulings to suspend the case. If a person called up for military service for mobilization is a plaintiff, the suspension of the case is possible on the basis of his/her application. The draft law provides for making similar amendments to the Federal Law on enforcement proceedings: the bailiff will be obliged to suspend enforcement proceedings if the mobilized citizen is a debtor, and if the mobilized citizen is a recoverer, the suspension will be carried out at his/her request. At the same time, the suspension of enforcement proceedings on this basis will not apply to claims for maintenance obligations in respect of minor children, as well as for obligations for compensation for harm in connection with the death of the breadwinner.