Employers have been required since the new year to submit employment history reports (SZV-TD reports) to the Pension Fund. This report is related to electronic employment record books and is part of the new electronic document management between employers and the Pension Fund.

These new SZV-TD reports are to be submitted monthly by the 15th of the month following the reporting month (in February, reports should be submitted by the 17th)

The reports provide details of the employment history of employees based on orders and other HR documents. CZV-TD reports are completed and submitted for all employees (including those working part-time) with whom labor relations are concluded or terminated, and subject to other HR changes.

What needs to be done before February 17, 2020

  1. Check the employment history of employees, add missing entries or make corrective entries in employment record books;
  2. Check that the employees’ individual insurance account number (SNILS) is available. This SNILS number needs to be specified in the reporting form for each employee, including foreign employees, so it is necessary to check its availability in advance to avoid any difficulties upon submission of data to the Pension Fund;
  3. Submit to the Pension Fund CZV-TD reports on the employment history of employees hired on January 1-31, 2020, transferred to another permanent job, dismissed, or if the employee managed to submit in January an application for selection of employment record book form;
  4. Ensure that everything is technically ready for report submission.

How to prepare HR recordkeeping systems for CZV-TD reporting

  1. Include new document forms in HR systems and verify that the updated systems function properly;
  2. Get familiar with the Pension Fund electronic service which allows transferring information free of charge to employers who do not have their own HR systems;
  3. Check that the person responsible for transferring information to the Pension Fund has an encrypted digital signature and that it is valid;
  4. Determine how employees will send employment history requests as well as the email address that employees should use to send such requests.

How may we help?

If any difficulties or questions arise when preparing the new reporting to the Pension Fund or setting up HR systems, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice. We are always happy to help!