It should be reminded that in cases provided for by Article 59 of the LC RF (Labor Code of the Russian Federation), it is allowed to execute a fixed-term employment contract with an employee. According to the provisions of Article 79 of the LC RF, a fixed-term employment contract is terminated upon expiry of the term of its validity. The employee must be warned in writing about termination of the employment contract due to the expiry of its term of validity at least three calendar days before dismissal, otherwise the employment contract will be extended and reclassified into a permanent one. According to the conclusions made in Ruling No. 88-10805/2022 of the 7th Court of Cassation of General Jurisdiction dated 19.07.2022, dismissal of an employee with whom a fixed-term employment contract has been executed is illegal if (s)he is notified of dismissal in any way other than in writing, including by notification via messenger, as in the situation in the framework of the dispute. In this dispute, the court reinstated the employee. At the same time, it remains unclear whether notification via messenger is permissible if this method is expressly provided in the employment contract.