Participation in the events of Kammer Russland week in St. Petersburg

Konsu sponsored the events of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce within the framework of the Russian-German Kammer Russland week in St. Petersburg.Read more

HR-DAY Kammer Russland in St. Petersburg

The Kammer Russland HR-DAY event took place on March 26. Konsu sponsored the event. Ekaterina Zelenina, General Director of Konsu, made a welcoming speech. Anna Reznikova, Head of Konsu's Labor and Migration Law Practice, spoke on the topic "Judicial practice in labor disputes" (Download presentation (PDF, RU)).Read more

Express course lean production en konsu outsourcing consulting r

Express course on Lean Production



January 29, 2024 – February 1, 2024





“The 5 Keys to Engagement” or “How do we create Kaizen – a culture where every employee thinks about what else to improve in our enterprise?”

The course program includes three blocks:

  1. Lean – excursion: Lean production in the company “Konsu” (accounting, tax, settlement, legal, auditing services)
  2. Workshop: “Kata – coaching”.
  3. Agile project management techniques. Agile thinking

During the training, participants will learn:

  • How to achieve productivity growth from 20% in non-production sphere
  • What are the peculiarities of the human resource management system in a lean company?
  • How to create a system in which people start to care about efficiency, submit suggestions for improvements, and actively participate in projects.
  • How flexible methods of Project Management help to achieve high efficiency

How to achieve productivity growth of 20% in non-manufacturing

  • Value stream analysis in accounting.
  • System 5S: office and document archive.
  • Paperless office/accounting.
  • Shared working places for everyone, including managers.
  • Corporate culture of openness (including all financial indicators of the company) for employees.
  • Idea factory via QR codes in all working areas.
  • Lean training system for employees.

Kammer Russland Christmas Evening in St. Petersburg

On December 1, a Christmas Evening organized by German-Russian Chamber of Commerce took place in St. Petersburg. Konsu was the general sponsor of the event.Read more

Conference – New developments in the taxation of IT trade between Belarus and Russia

On September 10, 2020 Evgeniy Sumin and Lilia Belobrova took part in a conference on New Developments in the Taxation of IT Trade between Belarus and Russia.
Read more