Collection of accounts receivable

As a precautionary measure, all companies are advised to draw up a credit policy. We offer services to mitigate the risks of accounts receivable. Our team of financial and tax consultants, and lawyers look forward to assisting Russian and foreign companies in collecting accounts receivable if necessary. To do so, they:

  • Analyze possible scenarios and prepare for the collection of receivables;
  • Negotiate with counterparties and out-of-court settlement;
  • Collect receivables through court proceedings;
  • Ensure that court decisions are enforced.

We are not a debt collection agency, so when we handle your debt collection affairs, debtors will perceive us more positively than any debt collectors or sale of debt. Our goal is to find optimal solutions on terms acceptable to debtors.

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Three reasons to work with us

1. Professionalism

The collection of accounts receivable often puts debtors under some kind of pressure so we can liaise with counterparties on your behalf so that you can preserve your business relationship with them wherever possible.

2. Experience

Our lawyers have extensive experience in negotiating all kinds of situations, in settling out-of-court, and in litigation. Counterparties will be able to act only under Russian law.

3. Specialization

When dealing with accounts receivable is not a core activity of your business, doing so is time-consuming and labor-intensive, so it is better to let our specialists do this for you. This way, you will save time and resources.

Leading positions

Konsu is one of the leading consulting companies in Russia. We have been included in the following ratings of the rating agency Expert RA:

  • Top-10 in accounting outsourcing
  • Top-10 in payroll outsourcing
  • Top-15 in financial consulting
  • Top-15 in legal consulting

Stages of debt collection process


  • We review contracts for compliance with Russian laws;
  • We collect information about the counterparty;
  • We review documentation confirming proper fulfillment of contractual obligations;
  • We assess whether debt can be collected;
  • We manage claims.

Debt recovery through pre-trial process

  • We assess whether there is a risk that the debt could not be collected due to a decrease in the debtor’s liquidity before the end of litigation;
  • We look for opportunities and take measures to reduce the risks of non-repayment;
  • We prepare proposals;
  • We conduct negotiations;
  • We send pre-action letters.

Alternative options

We estimate the return on the undertakings for each of the following options:

Debt recovery in court

  • We review the subject of dispute and available evidence;
  • We prepare a legal position, determine the jurisdiction of the dispute;
  • We draft and file a claim for debt collection;
  • We represent the client’s interests in court during the consideration of the claim.

We can also open settlement accounts for foreign companies with no bank accounts in Russia so that money received from debtors can be credited to such accounts after collection of receivables.