Automation of incoming invoice processing

  • Allows automatically processing incoming invoices;
  • Speeds up the finalization and approval of incoming accounting documents;
  • Automatically creates all necessary payment and archive documents;
  • Keeps records in 1С.

If you would like a demonstration of all system functions, please feel free to contact us. Our specialists look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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Easy 100
100documents per month
  • 3 users
  • Data retrieval from PDF, Excel, and photo
  • Basic routing settings


Easy 200
200documents per month
  • 5 users
  • Data retrieval from PDF, Excel, and photo
  • Advanced routing settings

User connections and document processing over the set limit for each subscription are available for a fee for each additional user and document.

Deployment is completed within 1-3 weeks.

Invoice processing

  • Receipt
  • Scanning and recognition
  • Verification
  • Data transfer to DocuForce
  • Finalization
  • Approval
  • Payment
  • Archiving
  • Accounting entries

If necessary, additional actions may be added and performed at any of these stages.

Reliability and control

  • Budget control by limits, cost items, and owners
  • Flexible configuration of approval routes
  • Minimization of manual input at all stages eliminates errors
  • Complete history of actions with all documents

Integration with other accounting systems

  • DocuForce is synchronized with accounting systems (integration with 1С provided)
    Connection with original documents is maintained in 1С
  • Automatic creation of payment orders
  • Can be configured through REST API if necessary
  • A large number of PDF and photo invoices can be processed continuously

Leading positions

Konsu is one of the leading consulting companies in Russia. We have been included in the following ratings of the rating agency Expert RA:

  • Top-10 in accounting outsourcing
  • Top-10 in payroll outsourcing
  • Top-15 in financial consulting
  • Top-15 in legal consulting

Additional services

  • Installing and configuring DocuForce
  • Configuring integration with other accounting systems
  • Adapting DocuForce rules and policies to the company’s business processes
  • Setting up budget limits and approval chains
  • Ongoing maintenance services, consulting, and technical support