Performance analysis of accounting and financial department

Effectively configured processes of the work of the accounting and finance department are aimed at providing the management with timely and relevant data. An express analysis of the effectiveness of the work of the accounting and finance department is necessary in cases when:

  • The management of the company receives inaccurate information about the financial state of the company from the accounting or finance department, or the reports are compiled with errors.
  • The reports are compiled without taking into account the specifics of the company's activities or with a violation of corporate rules for compiling financial statements.
  • The reports are provided by the accounting and finance department with a violation of the deadlines established in the company.
  • The staff of the company's accounting or finance department is expanded, but the volume of the company's activities remains unchanged.
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Our services for analyzing the performance of accounting & finance department

As part of the express analysis, our experts will:

  • Analyze the effectiveness of the company's accounting and financial services
  • Evaluate the workload and compliance of employees' knowledge with their job responsibilities
  • Identify excess and inefficient functions in the work of accounting and financial services
  • Analyze the organization of the internal control system and internal document flow (regulations, instructions, provisions, policies)
  • Verify the effectiveness of using software products and the level of automation of accounting processes
  • Provide recommendations for improving, organizing, simplifying, and standardizing work processes


The result of conducting an express analysis is a written report, including:

  • An assessment of the state of the company's accounting and financial services
  • Recommendations for making changes to business processes
  • Recommendations for automation and software product usage
  • A plan for implementing the recommended changes

Additionally, we can sequentially and comprehensively implement the changes proposed by us or provide support for the process of implementing optimizations and changes in the accounting and financial services.

Leading positions

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